We at Highbridge Community Development Corporation specialize and take pride in our property management services.

We feel that what is critical to the successful management of any project is a sound maintenance program that is proactive and can effectively address unforeseen or emergent situations as they occur. Feel free to contact us for more information on how we achieve success in property management.

A majority of the general building matters are based upon the Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP) established specific to the building to ensure safe, decent and sanitary housing for all residents. The PMP includes at a minimum a review of the following building components based on a pre-determined interval specific to the building:

  • ​Building exterior and interior
  • Roof and related component inspections          
  • HVAC systems        
  • Heat & Hot water systems        
  • Insect and pest control inspections          
  • Property inspections
  • Energy Savings initiatives